Terms & Conditions


The following terms and conditions should be read and agreed upon by the customers before taking the services. However, the terms and conditions apply to all the people who have business relationships with SK Enterprises. The terms and contions are valid for services like Domain Name(registrations), Dedicated Servers, Cloud Hosting, cPanel Hosting, Windows Hosting, Reseller Hosting, Fully Managed Linux VPS Hosting, Windows VPS, CMS Hosting

SK Enterprises will retain the backup of the Managed Hosting Operating System, Applications, and File Data for upto 30 days depending on your plan. User is responsible to protect their respective applications and data that are not provided by the SK Enterprises unless there is a mutual agreement between each other to retain the backup of the client We will not assure any service that is pertained to data backup for the users who have admin and root privileges. In case of any backup failure, we would take the necessary action to retrieve the data. Customers have to understand, SK Enterprises is not responsible for data loss, data theft, or corruption of the data. You need to take up the entire responsibility of data or files while transferring and maintain the local backup of your data to recover in case of any loss or failure. We are not accountable for any data loss, claim or damage that is caused by inadvertent backup failure..
Allowable disk and CPU usage Hosting space provided by the SK Enterprises has adhered to the terms of the Agreement and the Acceptable Use Policy. Hosting space shared will be used to store web files, active emails, and content of the user’s website. The hosting space will not store media files, emails, or other content, including offsite electronic files, emails, and FTP hosts. SK Enterprises has the right to review the user’s account to check the CPU, disk space, and other resources that are being used as per the agreement and Acceptable use policy. SK Enterprises has all the rights to terminate the services, impose additional charges or delete the content from the websites that are found to infringe the terms and conditions of SK Enterprises. Dedicated and VPS usage is confined to a few of the resources allocated to the specific plan you have purchased. Bandwidth Usage Bandwidth allowance is not confined to the shared servers. Resellers or dedicated or VPS servers are not allowed to exceed the bandwidth usage as per the plan that was purchased. You can view the usage in your control panel..
Any shared or reseller server has a high downtime and could not meet the assured uptime, then the user can receive a monthly credit to their account. This does not apply to the planned maintenance. Credit approval solely relies on the discretion of the SK Enterprises and the provided justification by the user. SK Enterprises will not consider the justification given by the third parties. The server uptime is the time reported by the server and the Apache web server, this time reported may vary from other services. Users can mail to support@SK Enterprises.com to raise the ticket along with justification to our billing department. Uptime guarantee can be availed by the shared and reseller solutions. Downtime of the dedicated server for the specified time is covered in the network guarantee and this is not at all pertained to uptime guarantee.
As per the clause mentioned in the Service Level Agreement, we will strive our best to resolve your issues at a faster pace. You can reach us by phone or through email: 24/7 technical support is provided for P1 Faults and you can call us to raise other faults during business hours..